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KHConf Tools – Caller Count App for iPad/iPhone/Android

KHConf provide call conferencing services for Kingdom Halls of Jehovah’s Witnesses world wide. The service allows users to call in to the meeting via a telephone number or an easy to use app on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

KHTools adds visibility of caller counts via a secure link to Generic Conferencing LLC’s servers. The simple interface that works on mobiles and PC’s displays caller telephone numbers, names and connected times.

Try the application now: KHConf Tools – Dialled In User Count

Adding a SipGate trunk to Elastix Server

Searching for SipGate settings for Elastix server may bring
up a plethora of different recommendations, but then finding what
they reference to and where they go in the configuration screen is
a nightmare. Here are all the settings you need, the reasons why
they are needed and where to find them in your SipGate account,
followed by where to put them in the Elastix PBX server web
configuration page. These are settings that work!