How To: One Light Portrait (with a Beauty Dish)

This is the first in a continuing series of studio lighting how to’s that will keep to my motto of KISS: “Keep it Simple Stupid”. If you want to achieve something amazing, start at the basics and have patience. No one becomes a guitar hero/artist/master of light in a day, I found this out the hard way so you don’t have to! Read more…

Studio Session: Sam, Esther & Abi

Esther Sanders stands in front of a grey background in the photography studio

It has been 9 months since I was last in the studio, but after visiting the recent Focus on Imaging show at the NEC I had some new ideas I couldn’t wait to try out. These particular shots are the result of a demonstration by the photographer Nick Webster on the Bowens lighting stand. If you’re intersted in a ‘how to’, let me know in the comments and I’ll post an new article complete with lighting diagrams. How To: Simple One Light Portrait Shot with a Beauty Dish

Read more…

Bassenthwaite, Lake District, Cumbria

Lake District Panarama, Bassenthwaite, Cumbria

Amber who? Honeyfox?? Whaaaat?!

A great week in a snow capped Cumbria organised by Clover and Esther, thanks guys!

Centre Parcs 2010

A group of the Center Parcs guys.

There is only one Pani Datten!!

Dani organised CP 2010 and somehow I managed to wangle an invite….. what a top load of people!! I was the only one from Brum, but thankfully, they didn’t hold that against me…..

Thank you Dani for organising a top week, the treasure hunt was a top laugh too!

Center Parcs 2010 – Treasure hunt, Dares, Sing along…
Richards Tree Jump
Kristinas Jump – Ouch!
OK, so I was scared…

Back to Dougs, 80′s Party


An 80′s party at my bro’s house called ‘Back to Doug’s as a play on the eighties movie ‘Back to the Future’. Eighties gear wasn’t compulsory, it was more an excuse to get everyone together. Esther B came as a Rubik’s cube, Lee J made his own ghetto blaster and there was plenty of marbles, bum bags, hula-hoops, shell suits, crimped hair, bright makeup and pink!!

RBC Kingshurst

The Kingshurst project is moving along nicely. It was a wet day on the 23rd Oct, the roof wasn’t on yet so the rain just came straight on through. After a short break during the worst downpour, everyone was back to it working like a normal dry day. It was really encouraging to see everyone’s commitment to the project.

Prodrive Charity Event

Prodrive Ferrari

Prodrive design, build and run motorsport and vehicle technology programmes for vehicle manufacturers. Programmes included Subaru World Rally Team, Ferrari 550GTS and the Aston Martin Le Mans cars.

Thanks to a friend of mine, he let me accompany him on a yearly fund raising event held by Prodrive for automotive professionals.

We had a chance to sit in Colin McRae’s WRC winning 555 Subaru Impreza and also the Ferrari 550-GTS Maranello driven by McRae. We also saw the development of Aston Martin v12 engines used in the Le Mans cars. There were also a few £80,000 gear boxes made for Subaru that changed gear in 8 milliseconds and a customer was hanging around with the engineers as they put his new engine through its paces on the dyno. Loud!!

Fairbourne, Garthfog, Camping


Camping in Garthfog, not a great campsite, but did the job. Walked from the campsite to Fairbourne, then on to Barmouth accross the railway bridge.

Wedding Of: Philip & Gemma Rigby


Photographs from the wedding of Gemma Keen to Philip Rigby.

Philip and Gemma’s wedding was at Deer Park Hall, Eckington, Pershore, an excellent venue with some amazing views streching out over the countryside.

Flying From Wellesbourne Airfield with Andy Cook

I’m leaving, on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again…

Flying is just awesome! Andy Cook was our pilot, a recreational flyer from our local cong. I didn’t realise he could fly until he asked us if we fancied a trip. I’m surprised we all landed safely, I wasn’t expecting him to let me have a go of the controls! I’d say it’s scarier in a huge jet too, Andy dropped us down and landed far smoother than when a jet hits the ground. I suppose it’s kind of like 500kg versus 250,000kg hitting the asphalt though… hmmm…

Sights included: Warwick Castle, Warwick Race Course and Stratford.

Plane: Piper PA28