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Back to Dougs, 80’s Party


An 80’s party at my bro’s house called ‘Back to Doug’s as a play on the eighties movie ‘Back to the Future’. Eighties gear wasn’t compulsory, it was more an excuse to get everyone together. Esther B came as a Rubik’s cube, Lee J made his own ghetto blaster and there was plenty of marbles, bum bags, hula-hoops, shell suits, crimped hair, bright makeup and pink!!

Lads Holiday, Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal


Sun, sand, beach and all the drugs you can think of…..?!?! For the last time, I don’t want to meet ‘Charlie’!! Nice place, guaranteed sun and nice beaches. Never known a place with so many dealers though, and we live in Birmingham!

Rodizio De Carne La Bodega is a must visit if you “want more meat”! €12.50 gets you all the grilled meat you can eat. They just ask “you want more meat?” and there it comes!

€1.40 for a litre of SuperBock, that’s almost cheaper than fuel. €2 a pint of Magners (£3.50 in the UK!) to drown the sorrows of England losing….

Fisherman’s beach (in the old town) has a great pier to jump off (see photo’s). Check Tom nearly smashing his head off the concrete! His wiping he’s brow on the way down!!

All in all, a good laugh, top company, non-stop sun and a first class apartment! Can’t say fairer than that.