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Landscape Photography Magazine

With our impending trip to Thailand looming on the horizon, I have made it a goal to improve my landscape photography skills. I then discovered this gem of a magazine while traversing the highlands of the internet. It’s free & electronic (so quite portable too). Did I perceive your heart droping when I said free? You won’t be disappointed, it’s actually very good! Three word summary: stunning, professional and informative. Well worth a look! @AbigailsTearoom review: 5/5.

How To: One Light Portrait (with a Beauty Dish)

This is the first in a continuing series of studio lighting how to’s that will keep to my motto of KISS: “Keep it Simple Stupid”. If you want to achieve something amazing, start at the basics and have patience. No one becomes a guitar hero/artist/master of light in a day, I found this out the hard way so you don’t have to! Read more…