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How To: One Light Portrait (with a Beauty Dish)

This is the first in a continuing series of studio lighting how to’s that will keep to my motto of KISS: “Keep it Simple Stupid”. If you want to achieve something amazing, start at the basics and have patience. No one becomes a guitar hero/artist/master of light in a day, I found this out the hard way so you don’t have to! Read more…

Studio Session: Paul Knight

A work colleague was eager to jump into the joys of studio photography. As part of a ‘lunch break’ training session, Paul offered his services as a model.

Small steps first, we choose a butterfly lighting setup to start. Ideally suited to a female model, as the soft light is great on skin. The resulting photos have been discarded as they are not great photos for men.

Next we tried a two light setup. Putting a grid on each strobe head yielded the results we have here. High contrast directional light is great on men, picking out the strong features in a male face and body. Paul is a gymnast; notice the use of light, pose and camera angle highlighting his strength. I have included a lighting diagram so you can see how the lights were positioned in the studio.

If you would like to give a ‘lunch break’ training session a go, please get in touch! Use the contact page.